Seo Strategies that work

Search Engine Optimization is one of the techniques used to improve traffic to a website by obtaining a high-rank placement in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. SEO has three important techniques to improve website position in SERP called Technical SEO, ON Page SEO and OFF Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Let’s explore one by one now. Technical SEO This is one-time work that we do in the domain and hosting level. Like installing https for your domain, extending domain registration length, website overall loading time, robots.txt optimization, proper custom 404 error page, etc., ON Page SEO (On-Page Search Engine Optimization): It refers to all the things that we do within our website such as title, description, content, image, keyword stuffing, internal linking, etc. Overall the on-page technique means structuring or building your website to be search engine friendly. Off-Page SEO (Off-Page Search Engine Optimization): Off-page SEO will

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